In honor of the coming Memorial Day Holiday and because all I can think about it summer and outdoor entertaining, I wanted to share this post about our favorite BBQ Chicken.  This first appeared here last October.  Enjoy!

2014-09-26 18.49.27Wicker's BarbecueWe love to cook out and have a tradition whenever we see my parents.  We call it Pop’s Chicken or Wicker’s Chicken.  It is marinated for two days in this fabulous barbecue sauce from Southeast Missouri near where my dad grew up and I was born: Wicker’s Barbecue Marinade and Baste.  No, I’m not a native Texan.  My brother won’t let me forget it, either.  Arrived as soon as I could, at 18 months old, so I’m close.

Green Egg

My husband learning from the master.  He does a great job when Pop’s isn’t here.

Wicker’s has a vinegar base so it tenderized and flavors the marinated meat thoroughly.  It has almost no sugar and a low caloric content making it pretty healthy.  It takes a bit of advance planning but it is so worth it.  I promise!  I give this as a host/hostess gift sometimes with a card that says marinate for 48 hours and get rave reviews.

Best BBQ Chicken: Wicker's Barbecue Marinade
Marinating Time: 48 hours Cooking time: 1-2 hours depending on the thickness and amount of chicken
  • 1 gallon Wicker's Barbecue Marinade and Baste plus more for basting
  • 9 large bone in/skin on chicken breasts cut in half horizontally
  1. Place chicken pieces in large container with a lid.
  2. Pour Wicker's Marinade and Baste over the chicken to cover all the pieces.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for 48 hours. (You can do it for as little as 8 but trust me, longer is better!)
  4. Preheat your grill to 350 degrees.
  5. Place chicken pieces bone side down.
  6. Cook for 20 minutes, turn and baste with more Wicker's.
  7. Continue this every 20 minutes until cooked thoroughly.
  8. Roughly 1.5 - 2 hours.
  9. Cooking time will depend upon the size of the pieces and the number of them on the grill.
  10. Enjoy!

2014-09-24 19.52.10

Have your butcher cut the bone in chicken breasts horizontally for you. (I made this photo small because there is nothing really pretty about raw chicken…agree!?!?)

Wicker's Barbecue Chicken

Place bone down on the grill.  We prefer the Green Egg.  Nothing beats a real charcoal grill.

Williams Sonoma Baster

Turn and baste every 20 minutes until done.  I love this we love this Basting Sauce Pot and Brush from Williams-Sonoma.  Keeps your marinade bug free!

Barbecue Buffet

We served this with grilled corn, roasted brussel sprouts from this post and a gluten free apple galette.  Yum!

Barbecue buffet

Outdoor entertaining

We added Austin Cocktails and dinner was complete.  More about these are fabulous cocktails here.


Order your Wicker’s today using Amazon Prime and have it in time to marinate for the weekend!



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