It was an honor to be interviewed by Duralee, one of the leading fabric companies, about my choice of the Duralee x Lonni Paul fabrics with Crypton technology to use in our Cabana.  This morning, I am featured in the Duralee email and on their website.  I’m happy to share this interview with you today!

Tell us about this space you redesigned! 

“This room is the media room in our Cabana. We recently renovated our garage apartment that had been basically untouched since our home was built in 1990. We created a Cabana and Pool Bath here that is essentially a teen hangout. This area has a big flat screen TV and Fatboy bean bags in addition to this gorgeous sleeper sofa that I just reupholstered.” 

What inspired you to reupholster the sleeper?

“In home as in fashion, it’s the details that make a look special. I love contrast cording and was thrilled to be able to add this detail to my sofa in the same fabric as the body—I used the McQueen fabric in dove and navy from the Lonni Paul performance collection. I love that it’s as durable as it is beautiful; it’s ultrasoft and perfect for snuggling up in for movie nights. There were a lot of lovely prints and stripes, too, and I could’ve gone crazy with details, but I’m saving those for my next project!

We love that you’re such a fan! Were the fabrics what you expected them to be?

“You’d normally expect performance fabrics to be a little rough to the touch. But I was surprised by how soft the fabric felt. There’s no stiffness or coating that’s typical of fabrics that repel stains and odors. And there were so many color and style choices—chenilles, wovens, stripes, prints. You have them all and I loved having all those options to choose from.” 

Have you been using the media room more?

“More is an understatement. Every weekend since the sofa was completed, we’ve had more than 20 teenagers over in the room, hanging out on the sofa and eating pizza. I also recently hosted a party with friends here and red wine got on the sofa. I didn’t notice until later that night and it came right out—I love not having to worry about a spill! I have white in our family room, too, and people think I’m crazy. But I just love white upholstery and it makes all the difference to have lasting fabric in a space we use all the time.”

You’ve been busy! How do you juggle family life with an influencer lifestyle?

“I live by my calendars. I have a personal one and a separate one for The Lush List. I try to write content, review contracts and organize photoshoots (and also get to the grocery store!) while my three girls are at school. However, it’s hard to get everything done in five hours each day, so I end up working a few hours some nights after my girls are in bed. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?”




Thank you to Duralee and Crypton for their partnership on design projects in my home.

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