Today, I want to introduce you to Ayuna • Less is Beauty, an amazing Spanish skincare brand whose ideology so closely matches my own.  Ayuna • Less is Beauty is committed to creating pure, effective, clean and safe cosmetics.  I am excited to partner with Ayuna by sharing their luxury clean beauty line and two special offers with you.

Ayuna has bridged the gap between luxury skin care and clean, non-toxic products with their natural, rejuvenating skincare program with a simple offering of products to restore and revitalize the skin. Creating high-performing products that are truly clean is quite a challenge but Auyna has achieved this.  Their beautiful website is filled with education and inspiration about their line.

They believe that anti-aging implies an intrinsic war against aging.  Ayuna • Less Is Beauty “dares to disrupt this mindset and replaces it with WELL•AGING, a modern and integrated approach to beauty which embraces a lifestyle that promotes aging gracefully.”  The result is a visible improvement in skin texture, wrinkles, redness, elasticity & dark spots.

In my quest to have amazing looking skin at any age without medical intervention, this is my philosophy as well.  Well-aging.  That is really what I am trying to achieve.  Looking fabulous at any age.  After using these products, I truly feel like I’m seeing more hydration, less fine fines, a reduction in pore size and wrinkles overall.  My skin feels super hydrated and refreshed each morning and I’ve only been using their 4 products!

Ayuna’s skincare offering is simple but highly effective and nourishing.  Each of their products has multiple functions and eliminates the need for a big line up of products. Topical Fasting is a major component of the Ayuna system.  The basis for topical fasting is the same as the basis for general fasting – eliminate overstimulation, limit the intake and provide a balanced diet, self-repair and self-regeneration mechanisms are immediately activated.  In short, give your skin what it needs and it will heal and repair revealing it’s best self.

Ayuna’s four products include:

Nourishing Artisan Soap – This multi-functional soap can use used to create a micellular water with a damp cotton pad, a cream cleanser with your hands or a light foamy cleanser with a brush.  Created with Borage, Olive and Coconut oil it is ideal for all skin types. The formula is enriched with botanical Activated Carbon to provide the skin with a deep detox leaving it clean and radiant.

Cream/Cream II – These are Ayuna’s Gems! These facial creams target many skin functions and promotes benefits botanical ingredients by incorporating the science of Phyto-peptides and Plasmas rich in Botanical Cell Factors.  Cream/Cream II are designed to soften wrinkles, tighten pores and improve overall skin tone, hydration and radiance.  They can to be used over your entire face, eye area, neck and décolletage.

The only difference in the Cream and Cream II is the texture.  You decide if you like a light cream or a more thick consistency.  They take the place of a moisturizer and serum in your skincare routine.  It also acts as a cosmetic primer.  One product replacing 3 – 5 products.

Essence – This is their hero product and fan favorite.  I am one of those true fans!  Essence is a lavish cream-in-oil exfoliant that works in 3 phases to instantly brighten and refine the skin while evening out its complexion.

It is multi-functional because the product acts as a chemical peel, manual polish and nourishing serum all-in-one.  Also, another big benefit about this product is it can be used around the eye, all the way up to the lash line, to help smooth out the skin, and those pesky fine lines, around the eyes.  I use this 1-2 times each week.

Phase 1 – Upon Application: The first protein-based peel on the market, thanks to the use of Alpha-amino acids. It provides an exfoliation as effective as its traditional alpha-hydroxy acid counterparts but without sensitivity, redness or irritation.

Phase 2 – Product Removal: A gentle, grain-free gommage that polishes the surface as the product is removed by rolling it off the skin.

Phase 3 – Leave-On Serum: The formula transforms into an oleo-essence finish of organic olive oil that leaves the skin remarkably soft to the touch.

Balm – The secret of this detoxifying mask, rich in Volcanic Glass and Active Carbon, is its texture. This highly gentle balm lessens skin sensitivity, draws out impurities, and leaves the skin feeling luscious. The presence of Pullulan, a natural sugar, in the formula creates a hydrating and tightening film and enhances the skin’s natural ability to protect itself.  Use weekly or as a spot treatment.
Some fun ways this incredibly versatile product can also be used as an effective spot treatment:

Under-Eye Pick-me-up: give yourself some raccoon eyes (product can be taken all the way up to the lash line) to instantly illuminate tired eyes, smooth out fine lines and provide a lifting effect to the eye contour.

T-Zone & other congested areas:  when applied over trouble areas the product clings to and draws out impurities, tightens the pores and calms irritation

Calm cheeks and other irritated areas: the product’s cool texture calms the skin, while its ingredients lessens sensitivity and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier

Instant lift: the product tightens as it dries, use throughout the face, eyes, neck and décolletage for an instant lifting effect of the the facial contours.  This is the most amazing effect!

The authors of Ayuna are stars in the beauty industry: Begoña Sanjuan is a passionate beauty industry professional and an expert in product development, Spa and Wellness therapies and aesthetic treatments. She has achieved a wide array of accomplishments in the industry from product trendsetting, to trainer of trainers and facialist guru.

Dr. Isabel Ramos, PhD in chemistry, is one of the brightest and most creative professionals in the beauty industry.  She is an expert in Green Technology and the development of natural cosmetics. She has a deep focus in understanding the science the behind the skin, biochemical and biophysical mechanisms, and the art of product textures.


We are giving away 2 Ayuna Discovery sets with each of their four products for you to try.  You’ll have the choice of the Cream or Cream II.  To win one of these luxurious sets, all you have to do is follow The Lush List and Ayuna on Instagram.  Tag a friend in a comment on my Ayuna post from today.  We’ll choose a winner next week!

Ayuna’s treatments, or Spa Ceremonies as they are called, can be experienced in some of the most exclusive properties in Mexico including, St. Regis in Punta Mita, Le Blanc in Cancún, Rosewood in Puebla, and Matilda in San Miguel de Allende.

Ayuna will be bringing their Spa Ceremonies to Neiman Marcus locations* through a series of events in September.  Get on their waiting list to experience an Ayuna Spa Ceremony This is the most luxurious facial I have ever received.  Even my husband noticed the difference in the look and firmness of my skin.  I can’t wait to visit the St. Regis in a few weeks for another Ayuna Spa Ceremony!

I know you’ll love Ayuna as much as I do!  From now until June 17th, Ayuna is offering a gift with minimum purchase during NM’s Camp Gorgeous.

UPDATE: The winners of the Ayuna Discovery Sets are Linda C. and Kim P.  Look for your gifts soon!


Thank you to Ayuna for their partnership on this post and the event.

Photos by Mary Hafner

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