Today, I’ve partnered with SiO Beauty to share all the details on one of my new favorite products. In the round up of my Winter Skincare, I shared with you a little bit about SiO Beauty patches. I was so excited when I reached out to me and wanted me to share more about their incredible line.

I met the founder Gigi Howard in December at a dinner here in Dallas. Since then I have been obsessed with her medical grade silicone patches that reduce the appearance of wrinkles. SiO (pronounced see-oh) comes from the fact that the patches are made from two elements: silicone (Si) and oxygen (O) and are linked with hydrogen and carbon.

These multi use medical grade silicone patches are contoured to fit like second skin on targeted areas of our face. They create the ideal micro climate to draw moisture from the skin’s surface and restore hydration and stimulate collagen production.  Everything we do for our skin should be geared to collagen production and support.  It is what keeps our skin looking young.  Replenished collagen pushes the skin up and out smoothing your wrinkles and leaving your skin looking youthful and plump.

SiO also stands for Skin Innovation Overnight. And let me tell you that’s exactly what it is!  I was so impressed with the results I received from using them the first night that I continue to incorporate it into my skin care routine on a regular basis.
It’s one thing when we noticed something on our own skin because we are looking at it so closely but when my husband and best friend notice, then I know it’s really working!
I used to these patches before my birthday dinner and when my best friend called me the next morning to go over all the details of the beautiful dinner my husband held for me, she mentioned how gorgeous my skin looked twice!  That is the ultimate compliment!
To use SiO Beauty patches you simply apply the SiO patch to clean, dry skin.  These dermatologist reviewed and approved patches are so comfortable I don’t even notice them while I sleep.  Removal is very easy and they’re not messy or gooey. My favorites are the SiO Beauty Eye and Smile Lift and the Browlift sets and the Overnight Wrinkle Smoothing Patch Pack.  I’ll be trying the Elbow and Knee patches next!
I love that you can use them up to 15 times each. After removing them in the morning, I rinse them in warm water and put them back on the card and store them in the foil envelope.  While the patches are great for a special event or a quick touchup during the day time, they also help your skin overtime as well.
As I’ve said many times, my goal is to avoid injectables while maintaining youthful skin. SiO Beauty is the perfect partner for me. Preventative and corrective, Sio Beauty will always be a part of my routine!
Photos by Mary Hafner
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