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I’m having a lot of “where does the time go” moments these days. Today is our 24th wedding anniversary and I honestly don’t know where the time went!

I am incredibly grateful for Scott and the wonderful father and husband he is. Things aren’t always sunshine and roses, as any of you who have been married for any amount of time know, but it is all worth it.  No one can make me laugh like he can…even when things seem out of control or not what we planned.  I do the same for him.  We always say, “Laughter is good for the soul.  You need to laugh!”

We truly believe that the Lord brought us together and has a plan for us and our family. That helps us through the “for worse” times and makes the “for better” times even sweeter!

I thought it might be fun to share 24 things about us today. As I write these, this could also be titled “24 ways we might be polar opposite!” Ha!  The last two are our favorite things about each other.

Cheers to 24 more years, my sweet Scott!



  1. Scott is a native Dallasite and seventh-generation Texan.
  2. I moved to Texas when I was 18 months old and consider myself a Texan but was born in Missouri.
  3. We are both Type A and firstborn… Sometimes that makes things interesting!
  4. We met my sophomore year at Baylor when he as a senior. I was a little sister in his fraternity, yet we never said more than hi until we started dating six years later.
  5. We began dating after I graduated and after he came back to Dallas after 3+ years in NYC.
  6. Our first date was at the opening of the Hammond Wing at the Dallas Museum of Art. I still have the dress and earrings I wore!
  7. Our second date,I made homemade lasagna and took him to a Dallas Stars game where I was the Publications Director at the time.  I burned the top of the lasagna because we were talking so much.  If you watch my Instagram stories, you know I still tend to do that sometimes!  He was sweet about it and simply peeled back the burnt cheese and raved about how delicious it was.  At least our tickets to a Stars game were amazing!  My wonderful boss gave me tickets on the glass behind the bench!
  8. Scott asked me to marry him one year to the date of our first date after another event at the DMA. We were only engaged 7 months! When you know you know!
  9. We were married at Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University. It was the church in Dallas most like my home church in Round Rock.
  10. Our faith in God serves as the foundation for our marriage and family.
  11. We are both entrepreneurs. Scott founded a company 19 years ago with his best friend from college. I’ve started several business ventures and sold two. Alicia Wood Lifestyle is by far my favorite!
  12. He is always neat and tidy… me, not always!  He puts everything it is place immediately.  I let things pile up until I can’t take it any more and then pick up.
  13. We both love margaritas! He’s a frozen fan and I love them spicy and on the rocks with salt.  This is his recipe for the best frozen margarita. Here is mine for a Serrano Margarita.
  14. He’s a numbers guy and I have never even balanced my checkbook! Bless him!
  15. Scott’s bliss is quiet time at home and mine is a dinner out – especially Tex-Mex!
  16. His hobby is working out. Scott is a certified CrossFit trainer and partner in a CrossFit gym. I work out next to NEVER but that is catching up to me! My hobby is planning travel or working on blog…it really never feels like work.
  17. He thinks before he acts. I tend to be a bit more impulsive and a fixer.
  18. Our ideal date night is dinner for two at a favorite restaurant.
  19. Our favorite meal is a steak cooked on the Green Egg or my Dad’s BBQ chicken.
  20. Scott loves the mountains and I love the beach.  See #3.
  21. He loves to be active on vacation and I love reading a good book in the sunshine sitting as still as possible!
  22. Since relaxing on the beach isn’t his idea of heaven, he learned to surf so he would enjoy beach trips with me and our girls! For our 20th anniversary we celebrated in the Maldives so I could have the beach and he could surf.
  23. My favorite thing about Scott is that he is disciplined about so many things (quiet time, working out, finances, intentional time with the girls, turning off his work when he’s at home, etc) that he inspires me to be better each day and to focus on what is in front of me.
  24. My favorite thing about Alicia is her creativity and ability to get things done!  She manages to fit more into to one day than anyone I know.

Photos by Audrie Dollins

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