Juice Beauty Sport SPF 30 / Coola Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 / Beautycounter Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 / Beach Bag / Sunglasses

One of the main topics since I began writing almost 5 years ago is Clean Beauty. Since the summer has arrived, I wanted to share the best Clean Sunscreen Products that my family uses and loves.  You can ready more about Why Clean Beauty is Important from this post a few years ago.

Juice Beauty one of my favorite clean beauty brands. I’ve shared my favorites, their fabulous serum and their friends and family sale. The Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen with SPF 30 is my favorite sunscreen for swimming or sports!  Made with mineral zinc SPF it provides broad spectrum protection. This formula has the same organic juice base filled with antioxidants of their other products that also help with anti-aging.

A lot of sunscreens claim to be water resistant for a certain number of minutes and the maximum number of minutes they can claim is 80. Juice Beauty Sport truly has staying power. This great sunscreen does not leave a milky white residue on your skin making you look like Casper, The Ghost, either.

Best of all the Juice Beauty Sport does not sting your face when you reapply!  My girls have extremely sensitive skin and this is the first sunscreen I ever found that does not sting upon re-application. Anything to avoid whining and protesting, am I right?!

My favorite clean sprayable sunscreen is Coola Continuous Spray with SPF30. We use this a lot to reapply if we are at the beach because of sand. My girls love this sunscreen because with a quick spray, you’ve reapplied and are ready to go. We have found this sunscreen to also be very effective. We’ve not used it on our faces, however.  It comes in several fragrances as well as unscented.  My girls love the Guava Mango and Tropical Coconut scents.  Don’t forget your lips!  Coola also makes a great lip sunscreen in six fun tinted colors.  My favorites are neutral pink tone called Nude Beach and a perfect nude color called Skinny Dip.  It is a great summer lip color for everyday, not just the pool or beach.  I wear them a lot during the day in the summer.

I’ve just tried the new Beautycounter Tinted Mineral Sunscreen spray. This spray sunscreen has broad spectrum SPF30 protection. I purchased the light/medium color and it provides a little bit of color to your skin when you apply the sunscreen which is nice! This one says it is water resistant for 80 minutes. I don’t find that it lasts quite as long as the others but for reapplication or just sitting in the sun while watching the girls swim or reading at the pool or beach, it is great!  I wouldn’t use this with light colored suits for reapplication just in case of overspray. I’ve just ordered the Medium-Dark Tint to see what it is like. (As always, with Beautycounter, if you list me as your Consultant, I’ll send you a free gift.)


Application of sunscreen is key to avoiding sunburns. I taught my girls from a very young age to apply their sunscreen inside and wait 10 minutes before they put on their swimsuit and head out to the pool. Most directions say this but we all tend to ignore it!  Using this method and then reapplying well within the suggested times (and after toweling off if they’ve gotten out for lunch!) we have never been burned using these sunscreens.  We also reapply to dry skin and wait 10 minutes before re-entering the water, too.

I have stocked up on all three of these sunscreens for the summer. Have you tried them? I would love to know your favorite clean sunscreens! Let me know in the comments below.



PS – One of my favorite places with to shop for multiple Clean Beauty brands is Sephora.  They have an amazing selection of well vetted clean beauty makeup and skincare.

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