Time flies when you’re having fun in the sun! As these long summer days come to a close and the start of school inches it’s way near, you might find yourself resisting the planning, schedules, routines, and finding your “back to school pace,” again, for you and your family.  I know I am!

I asked my friends at Sorted Out to give us Five Quick Tips for Back to School Organization to help you feel empowered to take on the school year ahead and set you and your children up for organizational success!  We’ve worked on other projects in my home: Master Closet Reveal, Tips for Organizing Your Master Closet Like a Pro, My Home Office, Pantry Organization Tips and have several more in the works!

Here are their tips for Five Quick Tips for Back To School Organization that I will certainly be implementing!

  1. Start fresh: Before you purchase any new school supplies or clothes for the year, set a timer and spend 30 minutes de-cluttering and reviewing what you might already have in your home! Clean out your drawers by throwing out any broken supplies and organizing the items you already have by categories. For your child’s clothes, decide what still fits your child and what does not. Donate any items that no longer fit!  After, make a list of the things you are missing and will need to purchase for the year ahead. Invite your young children into this activity by playing “Beat the Clock” – you will be shocked how excited they will get to join you in getting organized for the year!
  1. Create a Communication Center: Kids thrive on schedules and need to visually see when and what they will be doing for the week.  Not matter your child’s age!  This helps them take ownership of their schedule and get prepared for what’s ahead.  Designate a space in your home that you pass by daily and download from Google or purchase a family weekly schedule to help plan out your week ahead and keep chores or daily routines where they are easily seen. To make this a fun family activity, share a meal together on Sundays and afterwards, update the schedule together over a yummy dessert!
  1. Establish a Drop Zone: Entryways and exits can be a mess with everyone’s backpacks, shoes, and sports gear. To keep this clutter under control, have a sturdy hook or shelf for each child for their backpack and coats, and a basket for their shoes. When you create a home for your kid’s belongings, they can develop a routine of putting their items away where they belong. As an added bonus, this area can also serve as a launching pad for when you head out in the mornings for school because everything is in one spot.  Alicia doesn’t have a mud room so turned a closet at their side door into a mud closet with hooks and cubbies for everyone’s school things.  This is in the same area as the butler’s pantry and she uses the cabinets underneath for large backpacks and sports bags instead of china.  Get creative!
  1. Designate a Homework Area: Homework time doesn’t have to be a hassle! Before your child starts homework this year, designate a quiet, distraction-free area for work and study time in the same location.  Make it easy on yourself by having a caddy, drawer or closet nearby ready with supplies to help get homework started so that when your children get home, you can ask them to gather necessary supplies.
  1. Set Evening Routine: Do as much as you can for the next day, the night before. Make lunches, lay out outfits (this helps if something important needs to be laundered), sign papers and review homework, de-clutter backpacks and repack. Lastly, review the schedule for the next day to prepare yourself mentally! 

If you dread each school year and feel stressed by it often, then give Sorted Out a call.  They can create calm out of the chaos. Their organizers are trained to see the root of a problem quickly and implement solutions to make your life easier.  Don’t go another year feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, let them help you get Sorted Out!



A few things you may need to help with organization:

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Sorted Out is a premier Professional Organizing company serving the Dallas and Fort Worth communities. We have a certificate through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organization. With over 15 years of experience, we are confident in our experience. We take the time to develop personalized strategies, systems, and maintenance plans that work for you long term.

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