As you’ve probably seen on my Instagram and Instagram Stories, we just returned from an incredible week at the Viceroy Sugar Beach in St. Lucia.  This must be the most beautiful place we’ve ever been and just what the doctor ordered for our family!

Because we are members of Inspirato, that is how I booked our accommodations. Inspirato’s is a trusted travel partner who always ensures that our vacations are fabulous. Due to a family illness, we had to postpone our trip for three weeks, and they took care of every detail for us, which was an enormous help.

As I’ve shared before, being a member of Inspirato helps us discover new places to explore, from Rancho Palos Verdes in California (one of my first travel posts) to Georgia’s Sea Island to St. Lucia!  I’m not sure I’d have visited this gorgeous place but now can’t wait to return.  You can see a full tour of our villa and our vacation highlights on Instagram Stories Highlights (the little circles at the top) under St. Lucia.  I save all our trips there.  (Note:  This is our annual summer vacation like last year to Rome, Florence and Venice, Lake Tahoe, London and Paris and not a sponsored trip.  I’m always sure to tell you if it is sponsored.)

We were met at the airport by an Escalade hired by the Viceroy, and the nicest gentleman gave us an overview of St. Lucia’s history during our 40-minute drive. (Note: On the way home, we took a taxi that was a driver from the hotel. I’ll probably ask for this option when I return as it was much less than the car service and every bit as nice! It’s not your typical taxi—they are super-clean silver vans that are always available at the resort.)

Upon arriving at the Viceroy Sugar Beach, we were taken directly to our oceanfront villa and met by our butler, Charles. Each one of the villa rooms at the Viceroy comes with a butler to help you make all of your reservations for dinner and activities. Charles was an angel! He  helped Scott and I unpack and blew up the girls floats for them. He would have unpacked them as well, but they unpacked themselves quickly and hustled out to the pool.  You can see my packing list here and what I wore in St. Lucia as well.

We stayed in Villa number 107, which is a beautiful 3-bedroom 3½-bath with a large veranda, outdoor dining pavilion, two covered porches, and a large pool, all with gorgeous views of Petit Piton and the Caribbean Sea. I don’t know if there’s a better view in the world!  The architecture of the property is 18th-century colonial with delicate gingerbread trim carved in topical and sea motifs.  Ours had Palm Trees in the trim!  Each Villa was painted the palest pastel pink, blue or yellow.  Our villa was Ocean Front.  There are a few Ocean Front that have steps to the beach but I really loved our perch.  You can see our villa just to the right of the catamaran above.

The Viceroy Sugar Beach is located on a fine sugar-sand beach and situated between the two iconic mountains of St. Lucia, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. Being surrounded by these beautiful volcanic mountains was breathtaking.

Our days were filled with sleeping in, big brunches at home made by yours truly, and days by the pool and beach enjoying the great water, family time, and drinking Margaritas, Piña Coladas and Miami Vices (virgin daiquiris for the girls)!

There is also a lot to do at Sugar Beach as well.  The water sports shop has free Hobicats for sailing, paddle boards, sea kayaks and snorkeling.  The girls loved tubing behind the boat in the open ocean, too.  The best marine reserve for snorkeling in St. Lucia is right on this beach!  The Petit Piton base is at the end of the beach and ends in a coral reef with an immense drop off.  You can scuba here, too. There is also a fitness center, yoga pilates and a gorgeous spa.

As you probably remember, Scott is an adventurous guy and is always looking for some kind of activity for at least several days, whether it is surfing, sailing, or hiking. One morning, we got up bright and early and joined a group to climb Gros Piton. This was one of the most difficult things I have ever done! 2½  miles of vertical “hiking” one way. It was more like bouldering! But I am so proud of myself for doing it, and my 11-year-old daughter led the way right behind the guide, so that I actually kept me going. The view from the top is so beautiful! I would definitely encourage anyone to do this hike. If you get to the halfway point and you think you can’t go anymore, that’s OK because the view from there is gorgeous as well!

Another day, we chartered the Viceroy’s sailboat, the Manatee, for a few hours. Our captain Vitus and his co-captain were delightful! We sailed to Marigot Bay to snorkel and enjoyed crudités and guacamole on our way back. We also sailed through the bay of the nearest town, Soufriere, and got to see the bat cave hidden in the cliffs alongside it. I think our favorite sighting that day would have to be a huge sea turtle!

There are several dining options at the Viceroy Sugar Beach, including the Bayside Restaurant, which is located right on the beach, the Cane Bar sushi restaurant, The Great Room, a fine dining room, and The Terrace Restaurant.  The food was wonderful, and they were very good with our food allergies. The chef even took the time to guide me through the extremely large buffet the night of the beachside barbecue. We only left the property once, for dinner at the resort at the top of the ridge called Ledera. The sunset from there was gorgeous and dinner was excellent.

This relaxing vacation is exactly what our family needed—a mix of relaxation and adventure before we begin the next school year, which includes moving my oldest daughter to California for college. We loved the Viceroy Sugar Beach in St. Lucia and dream of returning. We don’t often return to the same place (unless it’s Mexico for easily accessible surfing), but this special oasis will definitely be one we visit again.  The sunsets were magical from every vantage point!

I can’t wait to share where we’re headed next!



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