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About Me

Counting My Blessings on My Birthday

I can't believe another year has passed...On my birthday each year, I make sure to slow down to count my blessings, think about the year that has passed and dream build for the year ahead.  Once again, it is evident that I have so much to be thankful for: my family, friends, AWL team, partners and YOU!

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New Year Reset 2020: How I’m trying to Slow Down

Happy New Year!  Can you believe it is 2020?  A new year and a new decade all in one!  I told my girls on my birthday that I wondered what it would be like to have a birthday in the middle of the year because a new year and a new "life" year were all rolled into one for me!  They laughed and said they'd never thought about it!  All the things funny things you have time to sit and ponder when you take time to slow down.

As you probably remember, I don't make New Year's Resolutions but rather use this as a time to reset my priorities.  For me the biggest one for 2020 and this new decade is just that: Slow Down.

Alicia Wood, Dallas Lifestyle Expert, Dallas Fashion Blogger, Fairisle Sweater, How to Slow Down, New Year's Goals
About MeLIfestyle

Cheers to You on My Birthday!

I can't believe another year has passed!  Each year during the days that surround my birthday, I reflect on my blessings and the year that has just passed and dream about the year ahead.  Once again, I have so much to be thankful for my family, friends, AWL team, partners and YOU!

Alicia Wood, Dallas Fashion blogger, Dallas Lifestyle Blogger, Dallas Lifestyle Expert, Lilly Pulitzer Gold Dress, Lilly Pulitzer Adrena High Collar Shift Dress
Alicia Wood


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