Food Allergy Information Document

Child’s Name- Peanut and Tree Nut and Shellfish Allergy Information



Name is allergic to peanuts AND tree nuts AND shellfish.


Child’s past allergic reactions have included facial swelling, vomiting, hives and excema. she is very aware of her body, warning signs and responses. She has been good about communicating such in the past as well asking about foods but we need everyone’s help in keeping her safe. Even residue left on your HANDS or MOUTH from peanuts or tree nuts or shellfish can cause a reaction. Please don’t serve peanuts or tree nuts or nut butters prior to coming to school.


General Information:

Tree nuts include:



Brazil nuts




macadamia nuts


pine nuts (pignolia nuts)





Shellfish includes:


















Shellfish releases in allergen in the air when cooked. Please do not order shellfish when she is with you.


Tree nut allergy is distinct from peanut allergy, as peanuts are legumes, whereas a tree nut is a hard-shelled fruit of certain plants.

In the instance of exposure and reaction, a response plan and additional medical information is attached and also included with her Epi-Pen Jr.

A reaction to peanuts and tree nuts of any type can follow ingesting peanuts and/or tree nuts and foods containing nuts or traces of nuts.

Cross contamination can also lead to a reaction. Cross Contamination is the cooking or serving of different foods with the same utensils and surfaces. When preparing and serving food, it is critical to make sure that food preparation and serving utensils are not exposed to allergens and then used for another food. Food production surface areas should be cleaned before, during and after food preparation. Examples of cross contamination would be lifting peanut butter cookies with a spatula and then using the same spatula to lift sugar cookies or using a knife to make peanut butter sandwiches, wiping the knife and then using that same knife to spread jam on the sandwich. That jam jar is now contaminated and unsafe for a peanut allergic child’s sandwich.


Lunch Time Information:

Child will be safest in a nut free classroom and lunchroom. Please do not send nuts of any form, nut butters, or foods containing nuts as an ingredient in lunches.

Please check labels carefully especially with regards to sandwich breads, cookies, snack bars, snack mixes, etc.

Many foods read that a product was manufactured, processed or made in a facility that uses or makes products containing peanuts and tree nuts.

As long as the food does not contain peanuts or tree nuts as an INGREDIENT, this is safe to have in lunches and in the classroom, BUT NOT AS A CLASS-WIDE TREAT.

The classroom will be equipped with extra snacks that would be safe for Helena in the event that she forgets her lunch or special snacks are provided.


Class Party Information:

Child’s Mom has volunteered to provide snacks and sweet treats for all class parties this year. In the event that another parent especially wants to take part in this, please discuss with Mrs. Xxx and mom.


Class Birthday Celebration Information:

Child will have a special snack available when a birthday celebration takes place in class. If the parent wants to communicate and coordinate with MOM in advance about what will be served, that is certainly appreciated. However, we do not want this to be an extra burden on anyone and so a snack will always be available for Helena.


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