How I’m Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

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Last year, I shared an “Ah-ha” moment about my health and what I was doing to get healthy again.  The holidays can be hectic and in 2021, I don’t think they will change much in some regards. I want to share 5 things I’m doing to stay healthy through the holidays in hopes it helps you as well.

When I shared how I realized I’d been pushing myself to just keep moving my family forward with my husband and I both owning our own businesses, raising teens, one going to college and the loss of my mother-in-law, you all could totally relate!  I loved all the comments, emails and Instagram comments.  It is so nice to know we aren’t alone in our “stuff!”  I’m naturally a positive person and a hard worker so pushing through is just my nature.  But no more to detriment of my health!

I feel like the changes I made last Fall have given me more energy to be who I want to be for myself and for my family.  I’m was committed to exercising 3-5 times a week. This summer, I injured my shoulder and that came to a halt and that has been hard for me. But after some girl time in Punta Mita and moving my body, I’m back dedicated!  Before, when I would get asked all the time about my health and exercise routine, other than healthy, clean eating, I didn’t have one.  I’m happy to say that this is a plan I can stick with and am getting back to it!

Here are the changes/things I implemented in the fall:

Exercise Daily – I was doing Dallas Dance Fitness 4-5 times a week when Quarantine started.  It was great to have the time to do this while the girls were doing school online.  As summer truly began, I got out of the routine.  I want to do these classes and a different ones 2x per week and walk daily at least once.  I’ve walked each day for 10 days now and some days twice!  It’s also easy on your body and easy to get started.  I’m walking 3-5 miles (total), 50 push ups and 2 one-minute planks.  It’s a start and it feels good.  I also treated myself to a few new exercise tops and shorts…mine disappear to my girls rooms never to be seen again!

Take Vitamins and Supplements – I received these Dr. Perricone MD Skin & Body vitamins a while back but never took them.  I began taking them two weeks ago and love them so far.  I’m resting better and feel really good when I’ve taken them several days in a row.  I’m only taking 1/2 the recommended dose right now because I am typically very sensitive to vitamins and medications.  I’ll start twice a day as directed next week.  I’m also using the Somaderm gel that I shared in this post.  I’m also back to using my favorite collagen peptide drink.  I’ve also been taking Nutrifol Women’s Balance for several months because I noticed my hair changing from all the stress of last summer and fall (moving my daughter to college and losing my mother-in-law).  I’m hoping these things all help my sleep, skin, hair and overall feeling of better health.  So far I have noticed I’m getting to sleep faster and sleeping hard!

Drink More Water – I love an ice cold Arnold Palmer or Lemonade from my favorite cafe but I need to drink more water.  I’m working on drinking 4 of these glasses of water a day including my collagen drink.

Still Time – I am scheduling in time to read my Bible, read a book and just to rest and reflect.  I might not do each of these daily but will do a few each day.  I’m setting aside an hour for this each day.  I’ve been reading this book with one of my girls.

Rest – I’m a night owl by nature and I also love to tuck my children in each night.  It is really hard for me to turn off my lights if they are up studying.  I need to prioritize this for myself and get over it!  I can’t continue to be the last to be and first up.  I’ve been take a hot bath in Lavender Epsom Salt with Melatonin each night.  I think this and exercising are helping my get to sleep quickly and sleep deeply.  My hubby swears by his ChiliPad but I think I’d get too cold!  I have girl friends that get hot at night and love it, too!

I’m doing these things to stay healthy through the holidays:

Keeping Exercise a Priority – This truly gives me so much energy!  It also gives me a brain break from work, etc.  I choose a podcast and go!  My favorites are How’d She Do That by my friend Emily Warren Landers, Crime Junkie (I’d have been a detective or forensic something if I’d only put my mind to it!) Dateline NBC, The Megyn Kelly Show and anything else that strikes my fancy that day.  Now that it has gotten colder, I’ll head to the mall after carpool.  Yes, I’ll be a mall walker!  I did that when I had to go to rehab after spinal surgery and I actually saw friends and loved it!

Keep Kitchen Stocked with Healthy Foods – I’m not a snacker really but need to be sure to have good things at the ready when we do bake or friends drop by. I’m not a sweets person but my weakness is Peppermint Bark!  I keep a bowl of cherry tomatoes on the counter and another filled with tangerines and Honey Crisp apples.  We also always have hummus and jalapeno pimento cheese with veggies in the fridge and Mary’s Gone Crackers in the pantry.  Those really satisfy the need for healthy carbs and crunch!

Water and Protein Before Going Out – If we do go on a date night or see friends, I make sure to not leave hungry where ever I go.  No need to be tempted!

Committing to only One Cocktail no matter how long I’m at dinner – Not that I’m a big drinker, although you know from all the recipes I do enjoy a good margarita, the calories are a lot and there are other treats to enjoy this time of year.  All in moderation!

Just as last time, I’d love to have your tips, too!  I’ll be sharing on Instagram stories, daily if I can, how I’m doing and I’d love to have you join me there for accountability and encouragement for us both!



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Alicia Wood

MEET ALICIA is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia’s goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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Alicia Wood

Meet Alicia is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia's goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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Alicia Wood

Meet Alicia is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia's goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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