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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that for about a year I have been going weekly to a Formula Wellness and participating in their Metabolic Body Program. I look and feel better than I have in years and I give credit to the Formula Wellness Metabolic Body Program!  I have a special offer for my readers, too!

What is a Formula Wellness?

Founded by Dr. Brian Rudman and his wife, Chrissy Rudman, Formula Wellness is a comprehensive medical practice that includes medical consultations, thorough on-site testing, customized workout and weight-loss solutions, as well as supplements, injections, IV infusions and bio-identical hormone therapy.  Dr. Rudman is a a board-certified anesthesiologist and led several successful practices prior to creating Formula Wellness.  He is now focused on balancing western medicine with a focus on preserving wellness, preventing illness and is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  Chrissy Rudman is licensed in Nuclear Medicine and ran the nuclear medicine department for a cardiology clinic prior to founding Formula Wellness.

What is the Metabolic Body Program at Formula wellness?

The Metabolic Body Program is a personalized, medically supervised program to help you get lean and achieve optimal wellness. The nutritionist and nurses work with Dr. Brian Rudman to implement your personalized weight loss and wellness journey.

The Metabolic Body Program includes in-depth bloodwork, nutrition consultations, weekly shots, weekly FITSHOTS, SECA scans, routine RMR/resting metabolic rate and a meeting with Dr. Rudman.  You can see more details on these items here.

How does the Metabolic Body Program work?

I chose the Metabolic Body Program because while I did not have a lot of weight to lose, I needed to gain muscle and wanted to lean out.  I don’t love that mid-life weight-gain and “shift” of things! When I first started the program, I met with Dr. Rudman to discuss my bloodwork. This was the most in-depth bloodwork I have ever had done and it gave me such powerful insight into my body and my health. It analyzes everything from vitamins and hormones to cholesterol and liver function, and everything in between.  Because I’ve not gone through menopause and my hormones are in pretty good shape, we decided to focus on my goals of building muscle and losing fat. Although I was slightly low on testosterone, we are focused on natural ways to increase testosterone, like protein, exercise, and sleep.

I check in weekly at Formula Wellness and receive the FITSHOT, also known as MIC shot. It is a combination of three important amino acids to help take your weight loss efforts to the next level. It promotes healthy cells while increasing your energy and aiding in fat loss.  At my check-ins I step onto the SECA scale which not only tracks your weight, but other body composition data, including muscle mass and fat mass.  It’s been great to watch muscle increase and fat decrease!

Quarterly, I do the RMR, which provides additional data and helps us set calorie intake. These quarterly meetings with the nutritionist are extremely helpful. I met with Dr. Rudman‘s wife, Chrissy Rudman initially to set up my nutrition program and work out schedule. She is so fabulous and so motivating! All the nutritionists are also available to ask questions throughout the process. I use the My Fitness Pal app to track what I eat and the grams of protein, carbs and fat are all entered by the nutritionist so there is no guess work. This has been extremely helpful. One huge thing I learned is that I was not eating nearly enough protein! Making that small change dramatically impacted my energy, ability to build muscle and sleep!  Also our bodies need some carbs for energy but need to be the right ones and in the right balance.  My nutrition plan helps me achieve this.

Formula Wellness also has their own proprietary supplements. I love that Dr. Rudman goes first to diet and supplements before medications. My liver function was slightly elevated and my cholesterol was slightly high on my first round of bloodwork so he suggested two supplements. This plus the dietary changes lowered my liver function to normal and lowered my cholesterol more than 10 points!   I don longer take either one of those supplements.  I still use their probiotic and a magnesium powder call Sleep.

Because of my age and my cholesterol being high, although it has not always been, he suggested I get a Calc scan and referred me to a specialist for this.  This scan is a calcium scan of the arteries around your heart to help assess whether a supplement or medication is needed. Thankfully, my calcium score was zero and my risk of a heart attack is the same!  This gives me such peace of mind.

Dr. Rudman has given me such amazing information and helped me to feel confident in taking back control of my health.  I have lost about 5 pounds overall and added muscle.  Most importantly, I feel fabulous, sleep well and my clothes fit they way I want them to again!  I highly recommend Formula Wellness and The Metabolic Body Program. I’ve had several friends take advantage of this amazing program and they love it as much as I do.

You can get started with a new patient package and a $50 discount when you mention Alicia Wood when making your appointment by calling 214-931-9443. There are five locations: Lovers Lane, Uptown Dallas, Frisco, Southlake and Fort Worth.

Here’s to great health!




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Alicia Wood

Meet Alicia is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia's goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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Alicia Wood

Meet Alicia is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia's goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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