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Two weeks ago, I revealed my Family Room Makeover and I was truly overwhelmed with the response.  You all emailed me so many great messages and left endless comments on Instagram.  The photos were shared on so many other Instagram feeds, too.I’m so happy everyone enjoys this room as much as we do!  Today, I’m excited to share my tips on Accessorizing Your Family Room.

Tips on Acessorizing a Family Room

There are a few guidelines I keep in mind when accessorizing:

  • How the room will be used and the ages of the people using them room
  • Mirrors reflect light
  • Group in odd numbers
  • Repeat colors around the room
  • Add live plants and flowers or high quality faux plants if necessary
  • Use varying heights
  • Include items with personal meaning
  • Go with what you love

How will the room be used and the ages of those using the room is important because you want your upholstery to be durable if it will have high use and also don’t want to display a ton of delicate items that curious little fingers will break.  I learned this the hard way!  That, of course, does not mean do not have beautiful things in your home.

Using mirrors in a room reflect light.  Two or three of these Venetian mirrors would beautifully recreate my mirrored screen and add gorgeous dimension to the room.

I’ve used groups of odd numbers on the side tables to accessorize and bring color in.  This grouping of a candle, a ginger jar from my grandmother and a Chinese dish of my husband’s grandmother check off the sentimental items as well.  The darling white frog planter (sold out, similar here) is because one of my girls loves frogs!  I love the faux succulent in it.  More “live” green.

Adding live plants like this orchid and flowers bring life to the room.  Potting them in this gorgeous blue and white bowl added more color and added to my collection.  I love a fiddle leaf fig or huge fern as well.

Varying heights on shelves and tables add interest.  You can easily achieve this by stacking books, using risers or decorative boxes if you have items that are the same height.

I have a passion for blue and white went for it big time!  Using my blue and white collection and adding a few pieces give a wow factor to the room.

Wisteria items that complete the My Look

When it came to accessorizing my Family Room, I knew that Wisteria would have everything I needed and more.  Blue and White has been my passion for a long time and they have such a gorgeous and varied offering of blue and white porcelain.

The odd number grouping of jars on the hearth is one of my favorite decorative vignettes in the room.  How fabulous are the details of the large, medium and small jars (similar here, here, here, and here).  I love the foo dogs on the lids!  I repeated two of the jars in other places in the room.

Being a family that has entertains a lot. Seating is key!  Adding the Acrylic X Bench gives us flexibility and adds some glam, too.

I used a soft white as the foundation of room and these elegant marble and gold leave salon tables.  The blue bone box (similar here) is where we hide the remotes!  These classic marble obelisks and bookends are the perfect architectural pieces for the shelves.  These beautifully etched boxes are good for storage on a lower shelf as well.  The large blue and white platters (similar here) on the walls over the cobalt tower lamps bring the blue and white to eye level and add dimension, as well.

The raspberry pink is the unifying color throughout my home. Adding these raspberry pink Belgian linen pillows gives the perfect pop of color, really setting off the beautiful pillows. (The pillows are in-store only.  If you call and tell them you want the pillows from The Lush List Family Room, they’ll know which ones you want!)  I also used hot pink peonies to bring in a bit more of this color. Using items or colors you love will make you happy to be in the room.  Others will feel your happy vibes, too.

About Wisteria

Wisteria is a family-owned and Dallas-based design resource filled with unique treasures.  Founders, Shannon and Andrew Newsom believe every home tells a story; that each piece should have personal meaning to express you and your unique style.  Wisteria was created from their desire to share the unique treasures they found on their travels with others.

I’ve been a Wisteria fan for many years and have their pieces throughout my home including this ghost table in my Master Bedroom and this Venetian mirror over my dressing table are among them.  The etched trifle bowl (sold out) from this dessert is a favorite.

Join Me at Wisteria on Wednesday, April 26 from 6pm-8pm!

I’ll be hosting an in store event with my friend and fellow blogger Lynlee this Wednesday, April 26 from 6pm-8pm at Wisteria in Inwood Village on Lovers Lane in Dallas.  We’ll be talking about styling our spaces and helping to launch the Wisteria Mood Board contest benefiting Dwell With Dignity, a Dallas non-profit.  I hope you’ll join us!




Thank you to Wisteria for sponsoring this post.  All selections and opinions are my own.  Partnerships like this are what make The Lush List possible.

Photos by Mary Summers-Hafner

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Alicia Wood

Meet Alicia is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia's goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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Alicia Wood

Meet Alicia is a lifestyle destination for everyday living written by Alicia Wood. Alicia's goal is create a timeless, fresh way to approach fashion, entertaining, beauty, design and travel.

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